Because Help at the Texas Border's mission is primarily to educate and to provide technical support and information to those making a trip to the border on their own, and because we are volunteer operated,

we don't solicit donations for ourselves.


Please check our Facebook page  or join Austin Border Relief Volunteers to find out which Austin groups are going down soon, contact them, and make a direct donation.


Or, check out our page of local organizations doing direct work and donate on their web page. We've only included organizations about whom we have direct knowledge and whom we trust to make sure your dollars will be used to provide direct care for people right away. Donating directly to 501c3 non-profits is the way to ensure that you receive a tax-deductible record.

You can also consider financially supporting a friend or local group making the trip by offering to help pay for their lodging and gas, or giving them gifts cards for places like Subway. They'll be immensely grateful. You could also hand them cash to take with them for doing things like buying food preparation items. Please only give money to people you trust.

If you are making a trip and want to take monetary donations with you, feel free to gather them up. Please do with donations exactly and entirely what you have told your donors you will do. Check ahead of time with those running the operations on the ground to see what is most needed, then purchase it when you arrive. They will be immensely grateful.


JOIN the FB page for immediate updates and to plan trips

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