Plan a Trip

Use these documents to get started planning a trip. Feel free to share or print out for your use.  These are only related to Catholic Charities' Humanitarian Respite Center in McAllen, Texas. As we gather more resources, we will make folders for each border location, including El Paso, Florida, and other locations around the US.

Frequently Asked Questions

*I thought detention centers didn't accept donations...

*Will I get sick if I help?

...and more

What to expect when visiting the HRC

* How to get there; parking; lodging

*What to do when you arrive

Items to take

* If you are collecting items to take, look at and distribute this list.

*If you have been there in the last two weeks, or know someone who has, please let us know here or on the FB page what is presently most urgently needed.

If you would like to let others know about a trip you or a group is planning to make in the near future, click to link to our Facebook page below!

All migrants need something to carry their things in.

Everyone has too many reusable shopping bags! Do a drive in your networks to gather all the extras. 

Someone in your network may have a cartop carrier or a large vehicle or places to stay in the RGV! Expansive networks are great!

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