Migrants are being held in detention facilities in every state of the US. Here is some information about their locations and populations. The US government may not be reporting accurate population numbers, compared to witness's reports. The list provided by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on its government website lists only a selected few.


Facilities along the southern border and in Florida are housing large populations of recently arrived, asylum-seeking immigrants. Local, state and federal jails, facilities, and prisons throughout the US house unaccompanied minors and recently detained immigrants in the process of being actively deported.

No matter your policy position on immigration, decency dictates that persons

experiencing detention ought to be treated with dignity and respect.

All US citizens can be aware that their tax dollars are responsible for the conditions and number of migrants being held in detention, and that a percentage of those dollars

go to the shareholders of the private corporations who run them.

This chart shows the location of all ICE-associated detention facilities in the US.

The size of the circle indicates the number of migrants held at any given facility. 

The color indicates the type of facility - who runs it. Customs and Border Patrol Stations are not on this map, but do hold migrants who cross between ports of entry for sometimes long periods of time, even if such migrants have claimed asylum upon entering.


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