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In mid-August of 2019, we saw a drastic reduction in the number of migrants arriving at respite centers and headed into the interior of the US to stay with sponsors. This is a result of two recently-enacted policies by the current administration.

Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) also referred to as the Remain in Mexico program. This agreement between the US and Mexican governments requires migrants to seek asylum from the interior of Mexico. As a result, all asylum seekers are turned away from border stations as they arrive. This has very recently been upheld in court.

The Safe Third Country agreement is an agreement between the US and Guatemalan governments that requires all Hondurans, Salvadorans, South Americans, or anyone traveling north toward Mexico to apply for US asylum in Guatemala. They may not pass across the northern border of Guatemala into Mexico.

There is verification that some migrants previously held in US detention centers are being dropped off just inside Mexico or in Monterrey, Mexico. It is not confirmed at this time that this is still occurring. 

Tens of thousands of migrants are still being held in US detention centers, including families and children. Pre-MPP detainees are still being released slowly, some after spending two months in the centers.

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